My Working Experience at Convergys Alabang

Things could go wrong, but what’s important is that there’s another opportunity for everyone of us.

I’d been through several companies like Sykes, Telstra, Convergys, and TSA. During that time, Convergys was the right choice for me. After I passed the interview, I was referred to the HR department. The following day, I started my OJT. I was supposed to render 300 hours, but my boss didn’t let me to do so. It took me only a couple of days to work for the HR department. After that, my boss sent me to the Recruitment department. However, the supervisor told me that they could only give me 80 hours instead of 300 because there were incoming interns ahead of us. I was totally shocked and disappointed when I found it. It made me feel blue, to be honest. I had to make a hard decision, whether I accept it or decline. I chose not to accept it. Meanwhile, my friend told me that Convergys Alabang was hiring for an internship. I knew Alabang was quite too far, but I just wanted to give it a try. My mother and I went there to apply for OJT. I brought my resume and school ID. One of the interns got the resume and sent it to their boss. A few hours later, an intern came to me and told me that I could start the following day. I was glad that I passed it. The next day, they oriented me on how to deal with other people. At first, I was excited. But as time passed by, I got bored. I was just sitting on a couch with nothing to do. I was really f*cked up. Until I met Ma’am Angela, the Talent Acquisition Specialist. She said she’s gonna transfer me to the Sourcing department. I had to say goodbye to my colleagues from Ala 1. After that, Ma’am Angela brought me to Ala 4. She introduced me to my new colleagues like Sheena, Mariah, and Shawn. I also met my new bosses such as Ma’am Joms, Sir Nick, Sir PJ, Ma’am Lai, Sir Neil, and Sir Ton. It was a pleasure to be with them.

My first day at Convergys Alabang was kinda busy coz Sir PJ told Shawn and I to give referrals to some employees and do call-outs. Thanks to Sheena, she gave me the script, and it’s a big help to me. I had several call-outs on the phone. Some of them couldn’t be reached; some of them agreed to schedule their interview. I was so lucky with Ma’am Angela coz she allowed me to go home at 5 pm, although I was supposed to arrive at 6 pm. I really enjoyed my stay at CVG Alabang, and it was a great experience.

Are you interested to apply for the internship? Comment down below for more details.


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