Why It’s So Hard to Avoid Sodas and Junk Food

Since I was a child, I had eaten lots of junk food. I didn’t know why I couldn’t avoid it. It’s just that it’s irresistible. I know it’s unhealthy, but I really enjoy eating it. Like, you know, I’m just a kid. I wanted to enjoy my childhood. I wanted to be like anybody else. I had tasted almost all beverages such as sodas and fruit juices and junk food such as chips and crackers. All of them have no nutritional value except those with Vitamin C. No matter how salty they are, I’m still gonna eat them as much as I can. Pardon me if I can’t stop it haha! These food have been a part of my life. They’ll always be in my heart forever. Although I eat junk food and drink sodas, I still manage my diet and eat vegetables, so I could make my body stronger and immune to diseases. Unfortunately, I still have a cough and cold till now because of drinking ice-cold soda. Pretty much annoying, isn’t it? What’s worse is that my vocal cords are damaged due to shouting too loud. I hope my vocal cords get back to normal. I won’t recommend eating junk food and drinking ice-cold soda while having a cough and cold coz it might make your condition worse. Instead, eat healthy food such as vegetables and drink a lot of water. Let’s say 8-10 glasses of water (not cold). Also, if you have enough time, don’t forget to exercise, so your body will stay active and energized. Avoid eating oily, spicy, salty, and sweet food as well. If you have allergy to chicken, don’t eat fried chicken. It might give you rashes.

I hope you learn something from me. Thanks for reading this. Have a good day!


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