If I Was in Mapúa

The first time I drew when I was in college, I had no idea how to draw. So, I just moved my hand and did it over and over and again.

At last, I’ve already drawn something. I couldn’t believe I would be an artist in that way coz what I only knew was Multimedia Arts was all about animation and poster making. When I dropped out of Mapua, of course, I regretted it, only coz my professor humiliated me in front of the class and my English subject was close to a failure. Instead of dropping that subject, I just withdrew which was not supposed to happen. At that moment, I had to choose whether I had to pursue my dream of becoming a graphic artist or find another course, so I chose to change direction. But, today, I asked myself. What if I didn’t give up? Will I become successful if I’m still in Mapua? Maybe yes. If I had the courage to move forward, then I should be in my fourth year in college right now. I was just beaten by fear. Look at my former classmates right now. They’ve survived while I’m still left alone. This time, I realize I’m not yet good at making portraits coz I saw a lot of artworks in Guhit Pinas Facebook group and they’re so beautiful. The artists are really, really great. If your artwork looks beautiful, you’ll get a lot of likes. If not, there’s only a small amount of likes. If I was as good them, then I should’ve had a business. It’s just that they’re misers or kuripot in Tagalog. They’re like, ‘Why is that so expensive?’. Actually, portraits in the mall are more expensive than mine. But, it’s okay coz I know in myself I’m not good enough. I should’ve enhanced my skills in drawing. However, I have no time with that coz I’m busy with my studies. College is my priority for now; that’s why I stopped drawing. When I was looking at my artworks, I thought something’s lacking. They’re lack of shading. I hope next time, I should do better coz it’s so hard to draw without an inspiration. You should have a reason why you’re drawing. Sad to say, I don’t have an inspiration. To those who want to learn drawing, do not attempt to do so immediately. You must know the basic techniques of drawing and train your hand in making portraits. Practice and practice until you improve. As of now, I’m still a beginner coz I’m not yet good in shading. Manga seems harder to me, although let’s say it looks simple, coz there’s a right procedure for that. Digital art is a lot harder coz there’s too much layering. If you’re interested in art, then it’s okay. No one forces you to do so. I just want to share what’s on my mind. Sorry for my long post. I’m just inspired hahahaha


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