Oh, It’s 12 AM and I Haven’t Slept for a While (Sorry for the ‘Long’ Post)

I don’t want coffee coz it makes my heart palpitate. I don’t care if it’s 12 in the midnight. I just want to write something.

Have you ever been in a relationship? If you’re gonna ask me, I would say no. Unlucky, isn’t it? Why did I ask that such kind question? It seems kinda irrelevant to the title. Whatever haha! Oh, by the way, have you felt the earthquake here in the Philippines yesterday? I was a bit afraid when I felt it. I was like, ‘Will this be the end of the world?!’. Thank God it did’nt destroy our house. Unfortunately, the magnitude 5.4 earthquake targeted San Marcelino, Zambales. I pray that no one dies at that moment. Meanwhile, President Duterte declared martial law in Mindanao due to terrorist attacks in Marawi City, which is kinda alarming. But, don’t worry. Everything will be fine in just 60 days. That’s all for today, folks. Have a great sleep! Sorry for disturbing you.


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