How to Be Friends with a Girl Like a Hokage

​Are you related to galawang hokage or hokage moves? Here are some tips on how to be friends with a girl like a hokage:

1. Make the first move; ask the girl anything.
If you’re in a restaurant or riding in a jeep and a beautiful girl comes in, go ask her anything. (Ex.: ‘What’s the flavor of the donut you’re eating? Is it cookies and cream?’, ‘Is the ATC and Metro the same?’)
2. Introduce yourself.
Once you’ve asked her, you can build a friendship by introducing yourself.
Me: Hi! I’m Tommy! Nice to meet you.
Girl: I’m Sophia btw. Nice to meet you too.
3. Keep the conversation going.
After you introduce yourselves, you can talk to each other like there’s no tomorrow. Talk about interesting topics like food, studies, etc.
4. Get her phone number.
This is the best part of building a friendship. Now you can communicate to each other through SMS or even chat.
5. Say goodbye with a smile.
Sad to say, you have to say goodbye to each other coz there are a lot of things to do. But, don’t worry coz you’ll be seeing each other soon.
6. Invite her for a hangout.
Convince her to go out and have some time to know each other deeper.
7. Go to places you’ve never been before.
It’s so thrilling and exciting at the same time. By doing that, it’ll increase the chance of turning a friendship into a romantic relationship.
8. Eat together in a restaurant.
That’s so special. No one has felt that feeling before. Spending some time together makes your friendship even more special.
9. Go home together.
Time to have some rest. Accompany her till she goes home.
10. Hug each other and give her a friendly kiss.
Time to say goodbye with each other. If she asks you to go out with her, then go.
I hope you learn something new from me. Thanks for reading this. Have a good day!

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