​What It’s Like Being a Spare Tire in Your Office

It’s been several weeks ago since I joined Convergys, a BPO company, but it seems that nobody wants me, and there might be a reason for that. I feel like I’m useless and has no purpose at all. Maybe it’s because they think I’m stupid. All of us except I have our own tasks. While they’re doing some shits, I’m the one sitting on a chair like a boss doing nothing. It’s pretty cool, right? No, it’s not. I feel bored, to be honest, coz I don’t do anything, unless someone tells me what to do. I spent all of my time sleeping on a cubicle. What’s worse than doing nothing is that I waste all of my expenses on vehicles from time to time. It’s quite frustrating and repetitive at the same time. Most of the time, I don’t pay the rides coz I know it’ll be a waste of money. The only way to escape a ride is to wait for an hour and come out of the vehicle. Once I come out, I need to have a 5-minute walk to my office. I feel so tired every time I have my footsteps on it. Also, I need to beat the heat while walking. Sometimes, it rains, but there’s no need to use an umbrella although it’s drizzling. The moment you enter the office, everybody’s doing their own business. I still have to wait for a few hours before I eat lunch. After eating lunch, the routine is still the same. My 1-hour break has come. After an hour, the same shit happens until I go home at 5 pm. That’s how I work as an intern. No call-outs. No need to encode data. No referrals. Still the same old shit. A 2-hour trip has begun. Nothing has changed. Sometimes I come home early. Sometimes I don’t. The thing that makes me happy is food, aside from my female colleagues. When I have enough time, I go to the mall and eat some fastfood, so I could fill my stomach. Now that I come home, I’m just lying on a bed surfing the net using data. I feel so lucky I can use my data for browsing, although there’s no wifi at all. That’s the only thing I enjoy doing. After my phone’s battery life has decreased, I decide to charge it overnight before I go to bed. The day has ended. I have to wake up early in the morning and do the same shit again. Eat, work, sleep, repeat. Jeez.


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